The experience of going camping is wonderful. It is even better when you are going along with a trailer. You can fill it with household items. You will hardly miss anything. It is simply home away from home. The preparation involves packing your trailer and this must be treated with a high degree of importance. Poor packing can put you and your family at risk. You may find your vehicle difficult to control and braking might not respond properly. Read on to discover how to pack your trailer the right way.

Make a list

This is the ideal first step to take. Identify household items that you want to pack in your trailer. These are mostly what is needed for daily activities. They include food, water, clothing, medication, toilet supplies, soap and dishes. Then you can include what you need for camping like tents, canopies,  flasks, a toolbox, cookers, air pump, dustbins and brushes. This way, you will not worry about leaving anything behind. Your luggage will be neater and the arrangement within your trailer can be well planned.

Load capacity of the trailer

Everyone should be excited when they are about to go camping. You will want to take everything with you including things you can actually do without. If it were possible, some folks will just load the whole house into their trailer. This idea is not entirely bad but your safety should dictate your limits. Pack only the things that are deemed necessary and are not too heavy. The overall weight of your luggage should not exceed the trailer load capacity. Overloading can cause your vehicle to sway or wobble dangerously on the highway.

Know how to organize

You will have a lot of luggage to load up the trailer. Mattresses, pillows, clothes, cooking utensils,  fishing gear and much more.  They all have different sizes and weights and should be organised accordingly, neatly and appropriately. Aim to concentrate the bulk of the weight on the centre of gravity of your trailer. This doesn’t mean the middle along the length but the middle while moving across the width and somewhere close to your vehicle.

Test drive your trailer

You have finished packing and you are ready to go. Hold on, there can still be problems with your packing that are not obvious. These can cause issues when you are in the middle of your journey. This is why you need to test drive. Drive around for only a short distance. You may try doing this at high speed. Periodically apply your brakes and observe any unusual sound or loss of control.


Overloading and uneven load distribution of your trailer can cause a road crash and make you or others lose some valuables. As trivial as it sounds, proper planning will help you pack your trailer the right way. If practised, the tips discussed will make you focus on your trip and pave way for a gratifying and peaceful experience.